Kedrec's Score

Kedrec's Score is a system that can help you determine if you are living within your own economic and emotional limits while being able to grow financially. The higher you score, the better off you probably are.

How high do you score?


Kedrec is Mike Decker's last name reorganized. It represents the change in behavior and portfolio we all must go through in order to be aligned with our lifestyle and legacy goals. Just because you want something doesn't mean you will get it.

As an individual, you have infinite power to affect positive change. When you understand your true potential, and follow universal rules, you can embark on a deliberate journey towards living a happy and wealthy life.

Kedrec's Score is a system intended to help you live within your economic and emotional limits so that you create an environment that breeds financial growth.

How Kedrec's Score Works...

Below are nine statements. When you can answer "yes" to a statement below, you get one point. The more points you get, the better off you probably are in your financial journey.

Wealth is not created overnight. This system is intended to help you continue moving towards your lifestyle and legacy goals.

Kedrec's Score is divided into the three phases of wealth creation: Acceptance, Accumulation, and Affluence.

Before you can accumulate assets, you must first be in acceptance of your current economic and emotional limits. Once acceptance has been reached, you can proceed to accumulation, and then affluence.


Spending Plan - I have a system that tracks my spending (e.g., an app, excel sheet, etc.) and use it frequently to make informed decisions about my spending.

Relevant Insurance - I have transferred income/debt related risks to an insurance company so that if I were to pass early, my loved ones are not put in a financially compromised position.

No Lifestyle Debt - I have no lifestyle debt, which is defined as any debt with an interest rate greater than two times the risk-free rate, or any debt that was used for non-investment related purchased.

Reservoir Fund - I have at least six months of expenses set aside in a investments and/or products that offer either principal protection and liquidity or principal protection and growth.

Decreasing Debt - My debt overall is less than my total debt a month ago and a year ago.

Cash Flow Freedom - 40% or less of my total net income each month goes to debt and/or subscriptions.


Plan Your Future - I have created and continue to maintain a comprehensive lifestyle and legacy plan so I can enjoy my life now while I prepare for the future.

Buy Your Future - I save at least 10%+ of my net monthly income each month and will continue to do so until I have saved enough to be able to afford retirement.

Grow Your Resources - My portfolio has increased over the past 12 months.


Own Your Time - I can afford to live off of my assets for the rest of my life. I own my time and how I spend it.

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