Universal Rules - Health

There are certain universal rules that we are all bound to in this life. Universal rules must take precedence over personal preferences. Those who break these universal rules, at some point, end up paying the piper. Consider the following universal rules when making decisions about your health (diet and exercise).

The Rule of Food

What you eat will affect you mentally and physically. Food is fuel that can either help you heal or can potentially create problems. You cannot eat food without consequences. Pick your food (fuel) wisely as it will affect your overall qualify of life.

The Rule of Mass

When you put together a fitness goal, focus on either losing fat or gaining muscle. The body does not do well when you attempt to do both at the same time. If you are looking to get into better shape overall, consider alternating between leaning down (less fat) and bulking up (more muscle).

The Rule of Bio-Individuality

You are not the same as another and therefore should not compare yourself to the other and their diet and exercise. There are some universal truths when it comes to diet an exercise, such as macro intake, caloric intake, and so on. However, each person as their own set of variations that must be accounted for when considering health and wellness. Different foods affect different people in different ways. Consider your bio-individuality when making decisions about your health.

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